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Recycled Make A Mark Pencils - Yellow

Recycled Make A Mark Pencils - Yellow


Pack of 3 recycled pencils in our Yellow Make a Mark pencil sleeve.

Pencils finished with our Make a Mark insignia and VENT logo.

Made in own pencil factory in Worcestershire from recycled CD cases.

  • 3 x recycled writing pencils.
  • Hard graphite grey writing core
  • Made from recycled CD cases
  • No wood at all yet they sharpen with a traditional sharpener

The perfect gift for you or a friend.

Every pack of VENT pencils sold helps support children’s education projects globally.

Proceeds from this pack of 3 pencils go towards our Ambassador for Change Programme. Providing free pencils for schools and communities around the world. Also Share a Pencil Day, our Global Education Awareness Day for school children right across the UK.

Most importantly, we give 5% from of every item sold to supporting children's education projects worldwide. That's not 5% of profit as many organisations do, it's 5% of the sales value from the first item to the last one sold. That's our promise.

Meet VENT For Change, the green-hearted, ethically minded stationery makers from Bristol. Their notebooks, pens and pencils are not only beautiful to look at – they give back to education projects where they’re really needed, too.

These include the Ambassador for Change programme, which gets free pencils to schools and communities around the globe via charities and volunteers. The Bright Futures campaign is another, raising money for the education projects run by children’s charity Plan International UK. 

What all the projects they support have in common is empowering young minds through access to education. And every single sale helps fund that goal without question. Because VENT For Change doesn't donate based on profits, which are unpredictable at the best of times. They donate 10% every time you buy instead. 

Empowering the next generation goes hand-in-hand with protecting the planet for them. After all, why nurture their personal futures if not the precious resources they’ll count on in years to come too? 

In keeping with that eco-friendly ethos, recycled materials and FSC certified paper make up their products. Think stylish pens made from single-use plastic and notebooks bound in gorgeous recycled leather.  

So, thanks to VENT For Change, you can experience the delight of fresh stationery with added joy, knowing it’s making a far-reaching positive impact.  

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