Upcycled sari gift wrap (double-sided, made from 2 complimentary saris)


Upcycled sari gift wrap (double-sided, made from 2 complimentary saris)

£3.20 - £5.60

Begin your zero-waste journey with one of Shakti.ism’s large reversible sari gift wrapping cloths, each one lovingly made by an empowered woman artisan in India. The label on each cloth is signed by its talented maker (in Tamil script)!


Shakitiism is an accessories brand with a mission to empower and support marginalised women, particularly those who are at risk of being impacted by gender-based violence.

Discover one-of-a-kind pouches, tote bags and yoga mats – all of which are designed in London and ethically made by hand by artisans in India and Bangladesh.

Each item uses repurposed and recycled donated sari fabric to create unique fair trade accessories and gifts.

Shakti.ism also partners with grassroots NGOs in India that work with disadvantaged women and girls. Together, they make use of artisans' existing skills, as well as preserve local traditions. They also sponsor and provide livelihood skills training.

With their NGO partners, they ensure fair working conditions, safe supportive spaces and encourage entrepreneurship to break the cycle of poverty.

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These eco-friendly alternatives to paper gift wrap are handmade using repurposed saris. Re-use your cloth over and over again! They’re brilliant for wrapping just about everything, including odd-shaped gifts (balls, wine bottles, anything!). They’re good for the environment, made entirely of 100% recycled reclaimed sari fabric, and you can save trees by not using paper gift wrap. They’re also gorgeous and any gift recipient would love to receive one. These unique fabric cloths are so lovely that you’ll want to keep one for yourself!

You’ll receive 1 unique sari gift wrapping cloth with this purchase. Each cloth is made from 2 different saris (one on each side), so you have 2 different gift wrap designs to choose from. The cloths are made from upcycled sari fabric, so colours and patterns will vary. You may or may not get one of the sari cloths shown in the images. Some finished items have minor imperfections or markings, which makes them even more charming and distinctive.

Sari gift wrapping cloths are gifts that keep on giving; they can be reused again and again as gift wrap. Large cloths can be used as neck scarves.


  • Large gift wrapping cloths are square and approx. 60cm x 60cm each (approx 24″ x 24″) – great for wrapping clothing, games, large books, pretty much anything
  • Long gift wrapping cloths are square and approx. 90cm x 35cm each (approx 35″ x 14″) – great for wrapping books, wine or champagne bottles, odd-shaped items

Care. Gently hand wash in cold water. Hang or lay flat to air dry.

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Meet the artisans. The Pondicherry Shakti.ism tailoring team members are from the semi-nomadic Narikuravar “gypsy” tribal community in Southern India. This indigenous group of people has faced discrimination against them since ancient times, primarily because of their nomadic lifestyle and consumption of animals, considered taboo by Hindus and upper-caste communities within India. The gypsy communities of India sit at the absolute bottom of society, even below the caste system. Poverty, illiteracy, diseases and discrimination are the major issues that confront the Narikuravars. Girls within the community are often married off once they begin to menstruate and many of them become mothers when they are as young as 14 years old.

The institutionalised social stigma faced by indigenous and tribal communities across India continues to be the force of oppression that keeps them trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty.

By purchasing this item, you are helping to empower and provide ongoing employment income for the women who make these handmade products. The demand for Shakti.ism’s products provides these women with dignified employment, a living wage, hope and opportunities for their children. Together we can provide alternative options for disadvantaged women with the aim to lift them out of poverty and help them to become self-sustaining and independent.