The Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

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If you’re looking for that last minute gift or you’ve simply run out of inspiration, look no further than our last minute gift guide! Featuring a range of fantastic products from the brands featured on The Social Supermarket, these gifts are bound to bring a smile to whomever is lucky enough to receive them!

For Him


Elvis and Kresse
Fire and Hide Duffel Bag – Blue Red | £350

This highly practical and stylish Elvis & Kresse Fire & Hide Duffel bag is made from rescued leather and decommissioned fire hose and is lined with reclaimed auction banners. It would look great for that weekend away! 

Elvis & Kresse



Bourgeois Boheme  Mick Brown Chelsea Boot

Bourgeois Boheme
Mick Brown Chelsea Boot | £185

This is a classic take on the Chelsea boot by the fabulous Bourgeois Boheme. These wonderful boots are made out of PVC free eco vegan leather and handmade in Portugal. 

A stylish addition to any winter outfit!

Find Out More



Hopeful Traders     David's Taxi - Organic Sweatshirt - Black  £40

Hopeful Traders
David’s Taxi – Organic Sweatshirt – Black | £40

This 100% Organic Sweathshirt is designed by ex-homeless artist David Tovey. 

It’ll look great, whilst doing great for people like David. 

Hopeful Traders



For Her


Soap Co.     Geranium and Rhubard - Soap Dish Trio (inc. pebble)  £36

Soap Co.
Geranium and Rhubard – Soap Dish Trio (inc. pebble) | £3

This wonderful gift set from Soap Co. includes an eco friendly exfoliating soap pebble, their Geranium & Rhubarb cold processed soap and a beautiful dusty pink raised soap dish. 

It makes for a great gift for those who love to smell fantastic! 

The Soap Co



Know The OriginKnow The Origin     Garrow - High Neck Supersoft Top  £32
Garrow – High Neck Supersoft Top | £32

This striking top is made from Modal which is an eco friendly alternative to organic cotton; it is produced using renewable energy to minimise the emissions from extracting plant fibres. Therefore, it is not only supersoft but environmentally responsible. 

Pair it with high top jeans to create a striking look this winter!

Know The Origin



Elephant Branded EB Washbag £25

Elephant Branded
EB Washbag | £25

These beautiful washbags are hand crafted from recycled cement bags by villagers in Cambodia; for every wash bag purchased, Elephant Branded provide stationary to children in Africa and Asia. 

A great addition to any travel kit!

Elephant Branded



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