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In this edition of our ‘Behind Our Brands’ series, Madeline Petrow and Lenny Leemann tell us about building Mamoq; the site which is giving consumers choice in the clothes and accessories they buy!

Q: Where did the inspiration for Mamoq come from?

A: The idea for Mamoq actually sparked from my own internal frustration.  I wanted to buy clothes that were produced fairly, and with consideration for the planet and human life.  However, in a sea of high street shops hawking fast fashion with staggeringly low price tags, it was surprisingly difficult to find brands committed to challenging the status quo of the fashion industry, and working to make it a better place.

We started Mamoq to create a community of brands that all shared a passion for sustainably, ethics and impact.  We work with over 50 brands (and growing!) from across Europe, so everyone can find style that matches their values.

See all of Mamoq’s brands here

Q: What is your philosophy as a brand and how does Mamoq make an impact?

A: Our entire philosophy is about empowered choice.  We don’t preach perfection because nothing is black and white when it comes to ‘ethical fashion’.  Instead, we try and encourage everyone to think twice about what they buy, which is outlined in our name MAMOQ- meaning, accountability, materials, opportunity and quality.  Our goal is to provide all the information a shopper needs to be able to make an informed decision about their new purchase, and make shopping decisions that align with their values.  

By fuelling this movement of empowered shoppers, we hope to encourage and reward those brands who are committed to sustainability, ethics and impact.

Lenny and Madeline - Co Founders of Mamoq
Lenny and Madeline – Co Founders of Mamoq

Q: As a brand, what is your biggest achievement to date?

A: I think we are most proud of the incredible community of brands that we are lucky to partner with.  When we launched in January we had about 20 brands on Mamoq, and less than 6 months later we have more than doubled that to over 50 brands and counting.  The positive feedback from our partner brands has been incredibly heart-warming, and we are excited to continue to grow this community of brands making a difference. 

Q: Do you think there has been a change in recent years as to how consumers understand the products they buy? (e.g. their origins, impact etc.)

A: Definitely! Just as we saw a movement in the food industry that saw people question the origin and provenance of their food, and subsequently sales of fairtrade and organic produce soar, we are seeing a similar shift in the fashion industry today.  Millenials are driving labour standards and environmental impact into the fashion spotlight and we are thrilled to be part of this growing movement that is starting to demand higher ethical and environmental standards from the brands they support.

Q: Do you think it is becoming easier for customers to buy stylish clothes and accessories which don’t compromise on ethics?

A: Yes!  Sustainability and ethics are being woven into fashion design much more now than ever before.  However, it is often hard for these small brands to compete with the marketing budget of high street shops, and that is why it can be hard for shoppers to actually find brands that align with there values.  That is where Mamoq comes in!

Q: Are you seeing more and more sustainable fashion brands popping up?

A: Yes, and it is so exciting!  We have been going to Ethical Fashion Show Berlin for the past few years, and every year it is getting bigger and bigger!  It is great to see young, budding designers changing the fashion scene.

Q: Tell us about one of the latest brands you have brought onto the site?

A: It is hard to pick just one!  Most recently we added Belo to Mamoq. Belo works with local leather artisans in Brazil to create beautifully handcrafted accessories from dead stock leather (this means leftover leather from other industries that would otherwise go to waste).  Personally, I love anything that has to do with circular production and turning waste into value, so seeing Belo create these bags from ‘waste’ is really exciting.  Plus, they provide fair employment opportunities for local leather artisans in Belo, Horizonte Brazil AND for every bag sold they donate 6 plates of food to families in need through a partnership with the charity Casa De Maria.  These are the types of brands that really show the incredible impact that the fashion industry can have if it changes from one that exploits to one that empowers.

Q: Where do you see Mamoq in 3 years time and what further impact do you plan to have?

A: We have so many different ideas of where we would like to take Mamoq, you might just have to wait and see!

Explore more of Mamoq’s fantastic products here:

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