A Day with Social Enterprise Products…For Him.

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Here at the Social Supermarket, we believe there are social enterprise products for the everyday; from when you wake up in the morning till late at night. These products are not only of the highest quality but have tangible impacts on social and environmental causes around the world. So, to prove the point, here’s a day with social enterprise products…. for him (don’t worry, we’ll be publishing one ‘for her’ very soon)!


The alarm goes off – 6:30am, Wednesday morning; at least it’s hump day and nearly the weekend again…

Drag yourself from the warmth of bed with the central heating only just kicking in on an untypically cold December day, you’re wondering if the Caribbean need more accountants…

Shower on, steam fills the bathroom and warmth returns to the veins; pick up the Soap Co. Soap and the smell of Geranium and Rhubarb fills the room awakening the brain from hours of slumber whilst also supporting blind, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged people across the UK.

Out the shower, shaving foam on and as the famous song by the Bee Gees goes, the shaving razor’s cold and it stings; luckily it’s been housed in the Elvis and Kresse Washbag made from decommissioned fire hoses so you’re safe in knowledge you’ve not only supported up-cycling of decommissioned materials but donated to the Fire Fighters Charity.

Slip on an organic, fairtrade tee from Know the Origin paired with the jeans and shoes you love, topped off with some bold, bright and impactful socks from Stand 4 Socks; each pair bought has a direct impact of a major cause worldwide from homelessness to clearing landmines. Plus, they look great and will keep your toes roasty on this cold morning.

With your glass, reusable Turtle Cup filled with liquid black warmth, you head out to take on your morning commute looking and feeling your best, knowing its not even 8am and you’ve already had real impact.


Lunchtime rolls around and that means only one thing… time for the gym! Step outside into the cold winter air; the wind is biting however luckily you’ve put on your new Kathaa down jacket; lightweight, waterproof and well insulated keeping out the cold on the quick walk to the gym.

Bag down and compliments from your colleague around the Elephant Branded Clipper bag which you use for the gym. More than enough space for gym kit and some toiletries,  it’s a striking bag made from recycled cement sacks by workers in Cambodia who are paid fairly for their products as well as the fact that each Elephant Branded bag gives school bags to children in India and Africa.

Workout done, time for a cup of tea to get you through the afternoon back at you desk; Nemi Teas is a specialist London based tea company whose teas provide employment opportunities to refugees;. It is available in English Breakfast, Early Grey, Peppermint, Green Tea and Chai they are a perfect accompaniment to any desk. You pick a Green Tea to keep you going and fend of that impending cold.


Finally, home time…slip into something comfy including the wonderful sweaters from Hopeful traders which are designed by the ex-homeless. Dinner on, time for a drink… decisions, decisions, a Lager from Toast Ale (Beer brewed from surplus bread to tackle food wastage) or a delicious G&T made with Ginerosity’s first social Enterprise gin? Beer it is… it is Wednesday after all.

Film on, Harry Specters Chocolates in Hand… pure delight!

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