TOTUM and Social Supermarket partner, making it easy for students to buy purpose driven brands

Social Supermarket

Social Supermarket partners with the largest student discount platform, TOTUM (previously NUS Extra)

Social Supermarket is making it easier to shop from innovative and purpose driven brands.

A recent survey by TOTUM indicates that students are becoming increasingly conscious of social and environmental challenges, with two thirds saying that their shopping decisions have been influenced by ethical or environmental standards in the last year.

Launched in November 2018, Social Supermarket are the first social enterprise e-commerce site to feature on TOTUM that sells exclusively purpose driven brands. Social Supermarket already features over 180 products from 25 social enterprises.

Despite a steady growth of e-commerce and the ease of shopping online, it remains a challenge to find great products that also address social challenges. Social enterprises are businesses that have social purpose at the heart of what they do, from chutney that tackles food waste, apparel brands using sustainable supply chains, to tea made by refugees. 

Social Supermarket is making it easy for students to find products that match their values by bringing together products from the growing community of social enterprises. As this sector continues to expand, with now more than 100,000 social enterprises in the UK, Social Supermarket will curate a selection of the best and promote the stories behind the brands.

TOTUM the new name for the NUS extra card, brings over 200 UK student discounts to over a million student members

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