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Full Circle Festival Hygiene Kit

With waste reduction continuing to be a hot topic throughout the world and increasingly at the forefront of many people’s minds, attention turned to music festivals this summer and how these gatherings can do their part to reduce waste!

Enter Full Circle and founder Tim Molony who is a regular festival goer. They have created eco-friendly festival hygiene kits perfect for those who are keen to avoid long shower queues this summer and keep clean & fresh from the comfort of their own tent. 

Everything in the kit is either reusable, biodegradable or recyclable helping to reduce the impact of disposable hygiene products at festivals. What is more, Full Circle donate a portion of each purchase to two of their chosen charities (Charity: Water & The Raw Foundation) supporting water and education projects worldwide.

As we continue of our Behind The Brands series, we caught up with Tim and found out a little more about Full Circle:

Where did the inspiration for Full Circle come from?

The inspiration came from going to many festivals when I was younger and sadly being part of the problem, buying cheap disposable plastic products which I left for the festival to dispose of so we thought can we provide a one-stop hygiene solution which is good for the environment. Full Circle was born…

What is your philosophy as a brand and how does Full Circle make an impact?

Our philosophy as a brand is to create planet positive products that help reduce the environmental impact humans have whilst in the great outdoors, whether that be at a festival, camping or some epic adventure in the wilderness.

Our current set of products reduce single-use plastic and water consumption (due to its waterless nature) whilst donating £2.50 for each pack to our charitable partner; charity: water with our aim this year to fund 4 entire community water projects.

As a brand, what is your biggest achievement to date?

It’s still every early days so I’m not sure we have accomplished big achievements yet, but I supposed for us at the moment its having people buy the product, a concept we brought to life and give such amazing feedback, 98% of our reviews are 5* which makes it all worthwhile.

Full Circle Hygiene Kit
Full Circle Hygiene Kit

Do you think there has been a change in recent years as to how consumers understand the products they buy? (e.g. their origins, impact etc.)

Totally, media attention driven by the incredible Sir David Attenborough bringing the impact humans are having on our planet in to our living rooms which has in turn driven consumers attitudes and demand.

Industry will manufacturer what consumers demand; obviously on a larger, corporate scale that takes time to change supply chain etc. however this is starting to happen. In the meantime, this time lag presents opportunity for smaller start-ups like Full Circle to capitalize.

Why did you choose to become a social enterprise and what does it mean to you?

We wanted to create a company that could help on many levels. The actual pack helps the environment by reducing single-use plastic and water consumption whilst we felt the tie to a water charity is really fitting because on one hand we are helping to reduce water and on the other hand we’re helping provide clean water to some of the 663 million people in the world. 

It will mean the world to us once we’ve donated the funds to be used to build wells which will have an outsized positive impact on communities as a whole.

Tell us how important your supply chain is to you and why?

Its very important to us that our supply chain share the same values as we do. All of our products are sourced in the UK, they are non-animal tested and vegan-friendly.

We are always looking to include the most eco-friendly products and totally appreciate we can do better, meaning we are always looking for new innovative products. However, when we are shortlisting suppliers we need to weigh up several factors. This includes current consumer habits and products being fit for purpose (outdoor, cold & wet environment) to ensure we get great feedback, repeat orders and are able to scale to meet customer demands.

Where do you see Full Circle in 3 years time and what further impact do you plan to have?

We will keep improving our current proposition, based upon customer feedback and new product innovations, with the aim of making it to be the best and most eco-friendly pack on the market.

In addition, we are quickly moving in to other markets with other concepts. These are top secret at the moment so we cant give too much away but they are very exciting!

Are you optimistic for the future and why?

I am very optimistic; the next generation seem to be more eco-conscious in the way they live, travel, eat and buy products so we are in safe hands.

I’m currently reading a great book which I highly recommend ‘Factfulness: why things are better than you think’ by Hans Rosling. It is a really interesting read on the world’s understanding of poverty, wealth, population, growth, birth, health, environment, education etc. and how wrong we all are about the facts and that things are not as bad as we believe. This continues to give me great hope about the future. 

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these fabulous festival survival kits, click here.

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Full Circle Hygiene Kit
Full Circle Hygiene Kit

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