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There are now more and more social enterprise coffee brands emerging which are just fantastic as their aim is to correct many of the challenges facing coffee production at the moment.

Whether it be global supply shortages, adverse weather, aggressive pricing or labour conditions there are many areas for improvement within the supply chain which these social enterprises are looking to make better. 

Given the current situation, we are all getting our coffee fix at home, or if lucky from our local café, but however you source your brew, we want to help give you the lo(ck)down on some of the social enterprise coffee brands which are doing their part!

We’ve teamed up with Sendero Coffee to chat all things coffee, from why they got started to certifications and to an amazing recipe for cold brew coffee at home. 

Sendero explores remote coffee growing regions and works with local families and cooperatives directly sourcing outstanding Arabica coffee beans. Their coffees are handpicked and roasted in small batches for an exquisite taste and aroma in every cup.

Their coffee is available in loose format (ground or beans) or in their handy Nespresso compatible capsules which are biodegradable and break down within 6 months. 

Why did you choose to get involved in creating coffee?
Coffee became a passion. We were keen to explore coffee growing regions, and promote coffee from countries that are less known for Arabica specialty coffee, such as Uganda. 
How did Sendero get started?
We spent two months in South America, mostly in Ecuador, visiting smallholder farmers, working with a local coffee cooperative and learning more about coffee processing. We also learnt about crop cultivation and organic farming, and some of the hardships, for instance low coffee prices and lower production levels due to extreme weather conditions.
Our sourcing trip to Uganda in 2016 made the difficult circumstances in the coffee industry more obvious, and we started to support Ugandan coffee farmers by bringing their specialty grade coffee to Europe, where we supply green beans to several roasters, and we offer freshly roasted coffee in our two London coffeeshops.
In three words what is your approach to coffee?
Sustainable, community focused
Where do you source your coffee from?
We are offering specialty coffee from Uganda, Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Brazil. 
Could you tell us a bit more about working with the farmers you support? 
Sendero Specialty Coffee ensures sustainable farming practices and harmony of eco-systems due to small scale coffee production. We offer above Fair Trade prices to farmers, and incentivise to strive for enhanced quality and sustainable labour. Sustainably sourced coffee improves smallholder farmers livelihoods and re-investment into local, rural communities.
Best cup of coffee you’ve ever had (might be biased!)?
Geisha coffee from Guatemala.
And what about certifications, are they always necessary? 
Smallholder farmers often don’t have the financial means to obtain certifications, and in addition certifications are time consuming. We work with smallholder farmers who grow their coffee organically and take special care of their farmlands. We think it is more sustainable to focus on the quality of coffee, which helps the farms to receive better prices.
An now to the all important cold brew, follow this recipe to a T for the perfect cold brew at home. Share your attempts with us on Instagram as we’d love to see them!
  • The coffee ground should be prepared for filter method, i.e. drip/v60 grind setting.
  • Use a 1:10 coffee-to-water ratio, e.g. 80g of coffee to 800ml of cold water.  
  • Place the coffee ground in a bottle or jar, pour cold water on top, stir, and then cover. 
  • The ground should be left in the water for 18-24 hours, ideally in the fridge. Remove the ground, e.g. strain into a bottle through a sieve. 
  • The cold brew keeps well for a few days when bottled and refrigerated. We recommend to serve the cold brew on ice.  
The Sendero Guatemala filter coffee works very well for this cold brew recipe so get over to Social Supermarket and grab yourself some! 
Sendero Coffee - Guatemala Filter Roast
Sendero Coffee – Guatemala Filter Roast

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