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COVID-19 has radically changed working patterns across the UK. Working from home has placed a number of pressures on staff, from managing childcare responsibilities to mental health challenges with restricted socialising.

Employers across the country are continuing to experiment with new ways to ensure their staff are maintaining a healthy balance between work and social life, which so often can get forgotten. Further to this, the lack of face to face contact also means a number of businesses are looking for new ways to engage staff when face to face contact isn’t possible. 

At Social Supermarket we have noted a large increase in the number of corporates purchasing gift boxes for employees during lockdown with the aim of better connecting with their employees and brightening up their day. In addition, many of these organisations are also looking for ways to support local business and social enterprises to align with their own values and mission statement. 

These gifts are anything from virtual event snack boxes, thank you gifts or gifts for significant moments like work anniversaries or maternity. Social Supermarket , and their featured brands, have a wide range of social enterprise products which offer an affordable way to engage staff whilst also having a social and environmental impact.  

Below, we have included some of the most popular gift boxes we have seen corporates give during this period. Gifts start from  £15 (including shipping), and we can include a range of customisations and co branding options.Alternatively, browse our selection of pre-arranged gift boxes here.

If you are interested in learning more, or would like to discuss some gifting options, please contact us at [email protected]



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