5 Reasons Why A Hamper Is Better Than A Christmas Party


The prospect of a Covid Christmas has left many feeling deflated. The lack of Christmas parties may be a disappointment for many. But for those who have endured the office Christmas party for years, a chance to skip the small talk and stale mince pies might be a consolation. Tell us we’re wrong…

At Social Supermarket, our social enterprise Christmas hampers have been popular since we launched in 2019. Have you ever received a Christmas hamper? Our range of hampers are bursting full with tempting nut cocktails, clementine-flavoured chocolates, locally brewed beers and Christmas coffee blends. 

Plus, they’re the gift that gives back. More than delicious food and drink hampers, the stories behind each product are sure to be a talking point. Not to mention the starting point for your virtual Christmas party.

Here’s why you should make a social enterprise hamper the basis for your alternative Christmas party…

Royal Gala hamper 


1. You can come together with a virtual experience

 Just because you can’t get together IRL, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get together virtually. We’re sure you won’t miss the venue with countless suppliers – from DJs to caterers. 

Oh, and forget the virtual pub quiz. We’re sure your team will much prefer a digital beer tasting experience courtesy of our pals at Toast Ale*. Learn from the guys at the food-waste beer brand about how they brew their ales and lagers while sipping the product.

Or simply tap into the festive spirit with a coffee morning and the right soundtrack. Come the first week of December we’ll be releasing the ultimate Christmas party playlist to everyone who orders a hamper. So you can be unified in your song choices, if not your location.

Based around our social enterprise Christmas hampers, you’ve got the makings of a memorable digital experience you and your team would enjoy this festive season. And all while discovering the power of social enterprise brands who are on a mission to change the world. 

*available on limited orders, get in touch for more detail

2. Great Taste Award-winning food and drink hampers

You know about these things. There’s food. And then there’s Great Taste Award-winning food. 

We have certain criteria around what makes it into our hampers – namely that every product comes from a social enterprise. But we also make sure that every food and drink item tastes fantastic too.

We taste-test and research so you don’t have to. And curation is part and parcel of what we do at Social Supermarket. Our snacks make an ideal pairing for our drinks. Whether you’re sipping the ultimate hot chocolate from Refuge, or sampling the little-known Negroamaro red wine variety from Sea Change.

Plus, you don’t need to just take our word for it. After all, the Great Taste Awards is a pretty serious stamp of approval, which many of our products have achieved. And it’s run by the Guild of Fine Food. Their foodie judges – around 800 of them – taste-test tens of thousands of products every year to crown the best of them. 

Dig n' Share Basket
Dig n’ Share Hamper


3. Organising a Christmas party has never been so easy

Do you remember when you were lumped with organising the office Christmas party in years gone by? The plate-spinning you had to manage? And not just because you got a plate-spinner in for entertainment… (Whose idea was that anyway?)

Well, ordering Social Supermarket Christmas hampers in lieu of your typical office party is a doddle by comparison. In just one phone call, you can relax knowing that the details of your Christmas celebration are taken care of. No traipsing to the shops required. No site visits. No need to worry what to do with the leftovers. Surely there’ll be no leftovers once your team tuck in to these goodies.

Perhaps you’ve read all this, and you’re wondering, why us? Well, thousands of social enterprise hampers have already left our shelves. We’ve delivered hampers to employees across the country since we launched. This year in particular – we’ve helped companies to welcome new hires, thank their business’ key workers (whatever their job title) and now we’re getting the Christmas party started.

Want to get involved? Well, simply contact Jamie Palmer on [email protected] or 07827 732 853 to discuss how we can help.

Cameo Rope Basket
Cameo Hamper


4. Shopping small supports the local economy

When you buy a Social Supermarket Christmas hamper, you’re not just supporting an independent UK- based business, but supporting a whole ecosystem of small scale businesses and suppliers.

We’re a start-up business with a big mission. We believe in a world where every business can be a force for good. We’re on our way, and partnered with some incredible suppliers from all over the world.

When you choose to set your Christmas spend with us, you’re putting business into the pockets of the people who are using it to buy their kids Christmas presents and secure themselves a brighter future. Especially, as many of our products support people who might otherwise be disadvantaged. Take Grace Chocolates, who support women who’ve been through the Scottish justice system. Or Harry Specter’s who employ people with autism. It’s not just business – it’s personal.

Shopping small makes a real difference to our brands and the lives of the people they impact.

5. Create your own positive ripple effect

What if your alternative Christmas party could change the world?

Well, every single item in a Social Supermarket hamper comes from a social enterprise brand. That means they’re in the business of doing good. Each sip of wine or bite of biscuit is helping to create a positive ripple of change in the world. And what better time to spread some joy than Christmas? 

If you want to ensure that your Christmas spend is aligned with your personal and company values, there’s no better way than by shopping with social enterprises.

We can summarise the impact on people and the environment from each hamper, and each product. So, your team will be happy knowing that you’re putting your Christmas spend where your – and their – values are. 

We’re coming to a close of what must be the hardest year many of us have faced. So, ensuring that social enterprises and small businesses can survive the ongoing pandemic, not to mention keep thriving, is a fulfilling way to start the season of goodwill. And a key way to show your team that you appreciate all their hard work.

Get in touch to learn more about our Christmas hamper range and other gifts that give back or shop the range now.

Jamie Palmer – 07827 732 853 – [email protected]