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Social enterprise marketplace Social Supermarket becomes a B Corporation and launches the UK’s first B Corp and social enterprise gift box Featured Image

Social enterprise marketplace Social Supermarket becomes a B Corporation and launches the UK’s first B Corp and social enterprise gift box


The UK’s leading social enterprise marketplace, Social Supermarket has become B Corp certified with a score of 106.4 – an impressive achievement given that most businesses score under 80 points in their first application and a score over 100 is considered outstanding. The business joins a growing community of 500+ UK B Corps committed to doing good. To celebrate this recognition, Social Supermarket has launched a new gift box for enthusiastically ethical shoppers that contains selected items from fellow B Corp brands with a social and/or environmental mission. Customers will also soon be able to shop all B Corps on Social Supermarket via dedicated section.

The B Corp Celebration Gift Box, £57.99

The giftbox contains products from: 

B Corp companies promise to adhere to values of transparency and only make business decisions that balance both profit and purpose. To become a B Corp, businesses undergo a rigorous review, at the end of which they receive a score linked to their social and environmental impact. 

A score of 80 is needed to become B Corp certified, with this being the average B Impact Score. 

A graph showing the average B Impact Score of 80

The B Impact Assessment scoring system

As a certified social enterprise, the B Corp certification serves to complement Social Supermarket’s raison d’etre. Social enterprises reinvest their profits into their social mission. For Social Supermarket, that means helping support and grow product-based social enterprises and connecting them with both consumers and corporate clients. With its added B Corp accreditation – which testifies to the brand’s commitment to integrity – Social Supermarket can push forward in its mission to inspire a more transparent, fair and sustainable e-commerce market.  

CEO Jamie Palmer says:“In an increasingly complex and crowded online shopping marketplace, it is really hard for consumers to know if the companies they buy from are as green or responsible as they say they are. We have spent the last year going through the rigorous process required to certify as a B Corp, which reviews everything from our HR practices to our environmental footprint. We’re delighted to achieve a score of 106.4, well above the 80 points required to qualify. This is only the beginning of our journey and we will be striving to improve our score over the next few years.”

The ethical marketplace was set up by co-founders Jamie Palmer, Alex Owen and Matt Dabell in late 2018 as a way to showcase the most inspiring brands in the UK. The platform  now partners with over 150 brands, supporting a variety of causes from educational programmes to reducing food waste. 

To date, the business has delivered over 50,000 hampers and gifts to both the UK and overseas. Social Supermarket proves to the eco-conscious shopper that it’s possible to have it all – choice, quality and service, all while giving back to good causes.

Visit the Social Supermarket B Corp page to find out more.

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