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Alpaca Coffee
Alpaca Coffee

Alpaca Coffee

Pioneering plastic-free coffee, made sustainably for people and the planet.

Coffee connoisseurs, rejoice – you’ve met a brand that’s as ethical as it is flavourful in Alpaca Coffee.

Their specialty brews, single-origins and original blends are paving the way to a more sustainable future for the coffee industry.

Right now, the commercial coffee industry isn’t working for people or the planet. It’s plagued with problems such as environmentally destructive practices and a lack of economic stability for farmers, who are the backbone of the industry. 

But Alpaca Coffee sings to a more sustainable tune. Their pioneering approach includes cutting fossil fuels out of the coffee roasting process and introducing biofuels instead. Then there’s the packaging, where there’s not a piece of plastic to be found, from the bags to the tape they use. 

They create sustainable and ethical supply chains too, carefully curating their coffee from family businesses and farmers who live up to the highest standards in sustainability, fair pricing and quality. They’re all about traceable sources, which is why you can follow a “Coffee Story” for every variation of Alpaca Coffee. 

To counteract some of the negative impact coffee production has on the environment, Alpaca Coffee also plants a tree for every ten packs sold, through a partnership with One Tree Planted. 

Sounds great, right? And it is – but Alpaca Coffee knows there’s always a chance to do better when it comes to sustainability. They promise to be open and transparent about their progress, so you can keep them accountable as you savour their delicious brews.

Meet The Founder

During her travels in South America, Victoria Poon got to know an American couple running a specialty coffee shop in Bolivia. Their passion rubbed off and she decided to pursue the idea of bringing top quality coffee from the continent over to the UK. 

Victoria soon discovered the industry was littered with plastic. So, she vowed to do things differently for Alpaca Coffee, making it possible for discerning drinkers to enjoy a cup of responsibly sourced coffee without adding to their personal plastic consumption. 

Other people recognised she was on to a good thing. A Kickstarter campaign raised more than double Victoria’s projected target, helping her launch in 2020. 

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