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Arrowtown Drinks
Arrowtown Drinks

Arrowtown Drinks

Low-sugar hard seltzers supporting environmental charities.

If you’re on a quest for a healthy, great-tasting alcoholic drink, allow us to introduce Arrowtown Drinks. 

These alcoholic sparkling waters are a game-changer. A truly refreshing alternative to the majority of sugar-filled and bloating bevs on the market. 

Arrowtown Drinks blends simple ingredients to create both their Red Berries and Lime and Elderflower flavours – just fruit-based alcohol, sparkling water and completely natural flavouring. The end result is light, low-sugar drinks that still pack a punch when it comes to taste. 

Not only does Arrowtown Drinks hit the mark on flavour and healthiness – it gives back too. The nature-loving founders behind these feel-good seltzers want to help create a better world for wildlife with every can. 

So, 10% of profits from the sale of all their drinks go to environmental charities. The Red Berries flavour supports Tusk, an African wildlife conservation charity, while Lime and Elderflower supports marine conservation organisation Sea Shepherd UK. 

Good for you, good for nature, so you can enjoy doing your bit with every sip.

Meet The Founder

Bored of their go-to drinks, James and Rob Smith founded Arrowtown Drinks to shake up the industry. They named the brand after the place in New Zealand where Rob first tried a hard seltzer. 

The brothers are firm believers in the idea that our daily consumption habits can be a force for good. This combined with their upbringing in the Sussex countryside and Rob’s degree in Environment & Business influenced them to bake protecting the natural world into the business. 

It was wildlife watching and learning about the problem of poaching in Sri Lanka and New Zealand that made Tusk and Sea Shepherd their first choice of charity partners. They plan to team up with more charities as their product range grows – so watch this space. 

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