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Sustainable sunglasses that provide solar light to remote communities in Africa.

Discover feel-good frames from Bird, the UK’s first B Corp Certified eyewear brand in the UK. 

Bird operates a buy one, give one model – for every pair of their sunglasses sold, a solar light goes to a family in Zambia or Malawi. This is part of a Share Your Sun partnership with SolarAid, a charity dedicated to combating poverty and climate change. 

598 million people in Africa currently have their days cut short because they don’t have access to electricity at home. Instead, they rely on fossil fuel burning lamps. These are a poor source of light, give off toxic smoke, are hazardous and costly too. 

Bird supports SolarAid in their mission to replace these lamps with solar-powered alternatives. A solar lamp has huge benefits for families – better health, better mental wellbeing, fewer hours of work and school missed and more time to be productive. And of course, they save CO2. 

Likewise, Bird’s sunglasses are planet-friendly, crafted from mindful materials including FSC certified woods, bio-based acetate, renewable cork and recycled aluminium.

Bird consider the whole life cycle of their sunglasses too. For instance, bamboo frames can be composted, while aluminium elements can be recycled through Bird’s own recycling programme. 

Even the cleaning cloths are made from recycled plastic bottles and your fresh frames will arrive in reusable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging too. 

Combined with their Share Your Sun commitment, Bird’s unique, beautiful and green designs become a compelling symbol of the power of solar energy to make a difference. 

Meet The Founder

The name Bird comes from the brand’s three founders – Edward, Lawrence and Paul Bird. As part of a creative family into designing, making and tinkering with new ideas, the trio of brothers from Devon had always wanted to turn one of their collaborative projects into a business. 

After working on a product for drummers using sustainable materials, it was Ed who saw a gap in the market for sunglasses that were both beautiful and sustainable. 

This was the beginning of Bird, which launched in March 2017. It’s been the perfect opportunity for the brothers to combine their skills in business, creativity and social purpose. They’ve built in a commitment to people and the planet every step of the way. 


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