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Using the power of craft beer to bring clean water and life to thousands of people.

Crack open a Brewgooder craft beer and you’ll be playing your part in their “drink beer, give water” mission. 


100% of the profits from the Brewgooder range go into clean water projects in places where access to safe drinking water isn’t a given. Among the ways they create accessible water sources are installing boreholes, fitting solar-powered water tanks and improving sanitation systems. 


Those benefiting have included the likes of mother and baby clinics and vegetable gardens that feed school kids, helping to change individual lives. But these projects can have radical, transformative effects, empowering whole communities. Because clean water equals healthy people and more economic and social opportunities. They aim to empower a million people by 2025.

As if that wasn’t enough, Brewgooder have also been involved in schemes that show support to people working in the NHS, hospitality and performing arts during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Treat your taste buds to their top-notch core beers: the crisp and zesty Clean Water Lager, the tropical pale ale Moyo Juice and the distinctive Chilloozy Session IPA

Meet The Founder

Getting ill from a parasite after drinking contaminated water in Nepal first got Alan Mahon seriously thinking about the issue of accessible clean water. 

While his illness was easily treated back in the UK, he continued to reflect on how a lack of water in disadvantaged places has knock-on effects, like taking women out of society and creating barriers to education. 

Fast forward a few years and Alan was dreaming up a business that combined his love for craft beer, his admiration for social enterprises and his determination to improve access to clean water.

So, he started Brewgooder, raising money for clean water projects with its first core beer, the Clean Water Lager. 

Ever since then Brewgooder has been bringing clean water and chances of a better life to thousands of people.

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