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Chocolate and Love
Chocolate and Love

Chocolate and Love

Bean-to-bar chocolate that supports cocoa farmers through equitable trade.

Swoon over award-winning dark chocolate from Chocolate and Love, who match exquisite flavours with ethical chocolate-making. 

These Fairtrade and organic bars support equitable trade relationships, helping drive social change in the chocolate world. Chocolate and Love source ingredients from small family-run farms, which use the Fairtrade premium to invest in community projects and improvements to their farms. 

The brand is always looking for other ways to do business responsibly too, from minimising shipping to using 100% biodegradable silver inner wrappers and planting trees in partnership with Weforest. 

Production HQ in Switzerland is where the chocolate-making magic happens. Chocolate and Love creates recipes based on their “high cacao, low sugar” motto, resulting in refined chocolate that’s full of flavour. Pick between varieties like Sea Salt, Pomegranate and a vegan dark chocolate and orange – one of seven vegan flavours. 

We’re far from the only fans of these delectable chocs. Chocolate and Love has won over chocolate lovers across the globe, with their bars currently stocked in 35 countries. They’ve also impressed taste palates behind numerous industry awards, scooping an impressive 53 Great Taste Awards in total. The Pomegranate, Coffee and Milk Hazelnut bars are also Academy of Chocolate winners. 

The Chocolate and Love team put their success down to the wonderful cacao grown by their producers. We give credit to their knack for amazing flavours and ethical ethos too. 

Meet The Founder

Chocolate and Love is the love story turned passion project of chocolate-craving Scotsman and a foodie Dane. Eager to launch a feel-good brand, in 2010 Richard and Birgitte O’Connor made the exciting swap from corporate jobs to chocolate entrepreneurs. 

They set out to create a chocolate biz that would balance flavour, quality and indulgence with a strong conscience for the people producing the ingredients and the environment. More than a decade later, Chocolate and Love is still a family-run brand with these same values at heart and Richard and Birgitte at the helm.

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