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Eco-friendly, high performance yoga accessories supporting victims of human trafficking in India.

Make your yoga practice safer, more hygienic and give back to a good cause all at once with CorkYogis. 

All CorkYogis mats, blocks and wheels are made from organic Portuguese cork. As well as feeling nicer under your feet, cork has superior grip compared to the usual PVC and plastic accessories. 

Better still, its grippiness actually improves the more you work up a sweat. If you’ve ever been put off your downward dog by the slight slip of a hand or foot, you’ll know why this is a game-changer. 

Because water (or sweat) doesn’t sink into the cork, bacteria, viruses and fungi can’t survive on it either. That makes CorkYogi’s range antimicrobial and naturally self-cleaning too. 

And cork gets another big tick for being eco-friendly. It’s shaved from the bark of a cork oak, a process that encourages the trees to replace it and absorb more CO2. The cork is sustainably harvested by farmers working in fair trade conditions. 

So CorkYogis products will improve your yoga performance and are both cleaner and greener than the usual alternatives. But that’s not all – they also have an incredible social mission at their core, donating 10% of profits to the Destiny Reflection Foundation.

This is a charity that supports victims of human trafficking in India. They empower and educate survivors to learn skills, find dignified employment and create a better future.

Meet The Founder

The idea for CorkYogis came about when Lara Sengupta heard about water-resistant cork mats being used for paddleboard yoga. Certain this could be a great solution for mats on dry land too, she launched the brand in 2016 before selling the business to Clare Melford in 2018.

As an advocate for supporting women and girls – especially through economic empowerment – and a regular practitioner of Iyengar yoga, Clare and CorkYogis were a perfect match. 

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