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Luxury hot water bottles made using recycled materials while donating 10% of profits to panda conservation.

Give cosy nights in an extra feel-good vibe with CosyPanda’s luxurious and sustainable hot water bottles. 

All of the materials in the bottles and covers are natural and sustainable, sourced from suppliers who share CosyPanda’s planet-friendly values. Get snug with a cover made from bamboo, recycled faux fur or recycled plastic. Even the packaging each hot water bottle arrives in is sustainable and premium quality, including a recycled box and a natural cotton drawstring bag. 

And there’s an even greater environmental upside to CosyPanda. The humble hot water bottle is a nifty tool for keeping both your thermostat and carbon emissions lower. Using your CosyPanda hot water bottle and reducing the heating by 2°C can save the same amount of energy as charging 80,000 smartphones a year. That could look like more than £220 off your energy bill. 

CosyPanda is also creating positive impact through a charity partnership. 10% of profits go to an organisation helping their namesake – the Red Panda Network. These conservationists protect pandas and their habitat through empowering local communities. 

A note on safety: it’s important to update your hot water bottle after two to three years of use. CosyPanda wants you to recycle your old bottles or get creative with them – upcycling ideas include mouse mats, kneeling cushions for gardening and tablet covers. 

If you don’t fancy getting crafty and can’t easily access a rubber recycling programme, send your old bottle back to CosyPanda. The team will take care of recycling it for you.

Meet The Founder

Freddie and Dan – AKA The Cosy Connoisseurs – started CosyPanda to create luxurious, sustainable homewares that did more than just add a comfy touch at home. They wanted to help people reduce their heating bills and reliance on fossil fuels.

“Conscious manufacturing without compromise” has been their ethos from the get-go. They tested no less than 68 materials before settling on bamboo, natural cotton and natural rubber as the cosiest and most planet-friendly options for The Original CosyPanda Hot Water Bottle

Freddie and Dan have been supported by partners Issy and Diana on their social entrepreneur journey. Their hot water bottles also have the approval of three experts in cosiness: a fussy pet cat and two velveteen rabbits. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us. 

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