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Crumbs Brewing
Crumbs Brewing

Crumbs Brewing

Makers of “delicious beer, bread differently” using leftover artisan loaves from a Surrey bakery.

Crumbs Brewing are passionate about crafting great beers and fighting food waste in equal measure. 

It’s bread in particular they’re doing their bit to save, spurred on by the fact that 44% of UK-made breads never get eaten. Shocking, right? 

To start tackling this issue in their corner of the world, Crumbs Brewing teamed up with Chalk Hills Bakery in Surrey. They collect unsold loaves from the bakery and turn one artisan product into another: bread to beer. 

Each of their beers reflects the character of the delicious bread that makes it, with the range covering a spectrum of light to dark brews. You’re sure to find one you love, whether a zesty Sourdough Pale Ale or a warming Rye Ruby Ale is more your jam. The gift packs make a great sampler as well as a purposeful present.  

So if you’re a sucker for a unique beer and easy-to-make sustainable swaps, give Crumbs Brewing a try. 

Meet The Founder

Crumbs Brewing has been turning bread into beer since 2017, under the watch of co-founders (and husband and wife) Morgan and Elaine Arnell. 

They were driven by a desire to be a part of the local, ethical foodie scene as well as the always innovating beer industry. Helping their local bakery repurpose their surplus stock into craft brews was the perfect fit. 

As former publicans, Chalk Hills Bakery owners Chris and Rosie Robinson were keen to get on board. The collab has been going strong ever since, resulting in thousands of loaves of bread saved from waste. 

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