Forty Hall Vineyards

FHV Vineyard

Forty Hall Vineyard is an exciting social enterprise which has established a 10 acre community vineyard in Enfield, north London. Largely looked after by local volunteers, the vineyard is the first commercial scale vineyard in London since the middle ages, producing English still and sparkling wines.

Situated on Capel Manor College's Forty Hall Farm, they are certified organic and dedicated to demonstrating environmentally sustainable farming and vine-growing practices.

Each of their single estate wines reflect the distinctive character, of their organically grown grapes, that have been cared for by their dedicated volunteers, here in North London.

Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir produce their award winning Sparkling London Brut which is made in the traditional Champagne method, with all the fermentation taking place naturally in the bottle.

Bacchus and Ortega grapes produce their two single variety still dry white wines.

Forty Hall are proud that profits from sales of their award winning wines are put back into the project to enable them to deliver health and well-being benefits to their local community.

They deliver this through our ecotherapy project, which provides volunteering opportunities in the vineyard. Our aim is to improve mental and physical health through working outdoors in a green environment, being socially connected and engaged with horticultural activity and the production of our wines.

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