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Global WAKEcup
Global WAKEcup

Global WAKEcup

Plastic-free reusable alternatives to everyday items that support marine conservation.

Join Global WAKEcup on their zero-waste revolution. They design sustainable accessories to replace common single-use items in everyday life, from coffee cups to straws.

The Global WAKEcup range is made with natural, recyclable materials like bamboo, stainless steel, copper and glass. There’s not a piece of single-use plastic in sight, not even in their packaging. 

What inspires their mission to make reusables the norm? Facts like this one: by 2050, there could be more plastic in the oceans than fish. 

Cleaning up our seas can start in our homes, with products like those in the Global WAKEcup collection. But they know there’s more to it than that, which is why they also donate 10% of profits to their charity partners – The Marine Conservation Society. 

You’ll also see them getting involved with plastic-free and marine conservation initiatives, campaigning for change and hosting a podcast all about sustainability. 

One saying the Global WAKEcup team lives by is, “if you can’t reuse it, refuse it.” Their products make sticking to that easy.

Meet The Founder

Global WAKEcup was founded in 2018 by Buffie du Pon and Nick McEwen. Like many others in the UK, watching David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II series turned their attention to the staggering amount of plastic in our oceans.   

The pair, who are old friends, got chatting about their shared shock at the scenes of plastic pollution. They made a pact to be part of the solution to this crisis, forming Global WAKEcup to help the world choose to reuse. 

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