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GOOD Botanics
GOOD Botanics

GOOD Botanics

Investing profits into innovative projects that support environmental and social justice.

GOOD's work promotes the traditional practice of herbal medicine and sustainable agricultural processes.

GOOD grow their medicinal herbs in Bethnal Green, East London, and work closely with a network of small scale ethical farmers for all additional ingredients.

GOOD promote earth care, people care & fair share. They believe that human health and planetary health are intertwined, investing their profits into innovative projects that support environmental and social justice.

Currently their profits are going towards the Mobile Apothecary project. The Mobile Apothecary produces high quality herbal medicine for free distribution to individuals experiencing homelessness on the streets of London.

Meet The Founder

Molly is a medical herbalist with extensive experience of working with herbs native to the British Isles and across Europe. Over the last ten years she has found herbal medicine to be extremely effective in treating a wide range of health problems, especially those related to digestion, hormones and skin. Molly is an accredited member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) and co-founded Good Projects in 2017.

Michael is an artist and urban farmer based in East London, where his work critically engages with issues of environmental and social justice within the city landscape. Michael established the medicine garden in 2014, transforming a WW2 bomb-site into a cultural institute and community hub for research across the arts and sciences.

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