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Gorilla Spirits
Gorilla Spirits

Gorilla Spirits

Donating £1 to The Gorilla Organisation for every bottle sold.
Gorilla Spirits Co. was founded by Andy Daniels whose vision was to create a truly ethical business and an exceptional portfolio of spirits and liqueurs. Based in the north east corner of Hampshire as it borders with Surrey, Gorilla Spirits Co.’s distillery in Upton Grey is where they make their small-batch, award-winning spirits – all the while donating £1 to The Gorilla Organization for every bottle they sell. Even though the numbers of Mountain Gorillas are on the up they remain an endangered species and still face the serious threat of extinction. Back in 2010 there were only 880 in existence but by 2018 this number had grown to 1004. This small increase in their numbers is to be welcomed and is due to the combined efforts of governments, charities and caring business that support them. We can’t afford to be complacent though as the growth in gorilla numbers could be reversed at any time due to disease, poaching and encroachment into their habitat. The Gorilla Organization work with communities at the forefront of gorilla conservation with innovative and award-winning projects in Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo. Its field staff in Africa, supported by fundraising and communications teams in London, oversee a range of grassroots conservation projects, all of them aimed at addressing the key threats facing gorillas today.
Meet The Founder

My love of food and drink started when I was a young boy being brought up by my single-parent Mum. She was a big influence on me and seemed to have endless knowledge when it came to domestic stuff like sewing, knitting, and cooking. Apart from everything else Mum was a pretty decent baker and I think I spent much of my early years licking spoons in the kitchen! Perhaps it should come as no surprise then that by the time I reached my mid-teens I had a established a pretty good collection of cookery books and magazines of my own.

My passion for all things food and drink has stayed with me all my life and as I approached the twilight years of my corporate life it was finally the right time to indulge my passion and start a business in this exciting sector. In the past I had dabbled with brewing, been a regular cider maker and a hobbyist distiller and having seen from afar a craft distiller movement develop in the USA I knew that I wanted to be part of a similar movement that was beginning to emerge here in the UK. My adventure to create what became the Gorilla Spirits Co. began in early 2011 and it took more than 4 years before our first product, Silverback Mountain Strength Gin, was launched in December 2015.

My vision for Gorilla Spirits Co. is to move with the market by creating a range of the highest quality spirits and liqueurs that people love to drink. But I also want to demonstrate that our business can be successful at the same time as being focused on social responsibility. This means being aware of the impact we have on the world and to find ways to make our impact a positive one.

Our commitment to donate £1 to the Gorilla Organization for every bottle that we sell lies at the heart of what we do but we look beyond this to find many other ways of making a positive contribution too. I was so proud to receive an International CSR Excellence Award in 2019 for our approach and I’m delighted that our story will be written up as an example to be shared with other businesses around the world.

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