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Grace Chocolates Changing Lives
Grace Chocolates Changing Lives

Grace Chocolates Changing Lives

Exquisite chocolates and truffles supporting women who've touched the Scottish criminal justice system.

With every box of their luxury chocolates and truffles, Grace Chocolates Changing Lives makes a difference. These chocolates fund the Making Positive Changes Programme, which is open to any woman who’s touched the Scottish justice system and puts them on a path of personal development, learning and economic wellbeing. 

Helping the women find meaningful employment is the programme’s main aim. But it’s as much about networking, growing self-confidence and having fun as it is learning the practical side of making cracking chocolates. This kind of support and guidance offers a brighter future and breaks the cycle of reoffending. 

Top-quality Belgian chocolate goes into their sweet treats and they do some incredible flavour combinations. We’re talking salted caramel, passion fruit in white chocolate and vegan lemon in dark chocolate

Meet The Founder

Joyce Murray is the founder of Grace Chocolates Changing Lives. Volunteering at the family Hub centre at Cornton Vale HMP and YOI and hearing first hand the experiences of people who have touched the justice system inspired her to start the social enterprise.

At first, not everyone had faith in her plan to create change through chocolates – some people with knowledge of the criminal justice system had doubts. But a year later, she was already producing chocolates and proving it could be a way to make a positive impact. 

Now a few years on with a supportive team of staff and volunteers, Joyce has been able to keep making chocolates, supporting women and changing lives.

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