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Jamu Wild Water
Jamu Wild Water

Jamu Wild Water

Helping young people reconnect with the magic of the natural world through naturally sweet sparkling drinks.

Kids and parents love Jamu Wild Water in equal measure. Their new generation drink has all the flavour to rival traditional fizzy drinks, without the high sugar content or artificial sweeteners. 

100% natural ingredients go into three refreshing flavours – Lemon, Blood Orange and Raspberry. The natural botanicals in each of these gently fizzing soft drinks are great for gut health and have a long list of immune-boosting benefits. 

Jamu Wild Water’s commitment to being good for families goes beyond their healthy ingredients list. They’re also on a mission to get kids enjoying the outdoors and igniting the nation’s interest in nature. Because connecting with the natural world makes us happier and healthier, as well as helping the planet thrive. 

Did you know kids spend an average of over six hours a day in front of a screen and only an hour outside? The impact so little time in nature has on wellbeing is well documented and even has a label – “Nature-Deficit Disorder”. To help counteract this, Jamu Wild Water donates 10% of profits to rewilding projects and youth charities that restore biodiversity and give kids a chance to discover nature. 

These eco-minded drinks makers are always trying to reduce their own impact on the planet too. It’s why they use plastic-free, fully recyclable packaging and only work with sustainable suppliers. 

FYI, Jamu Wild Water is definitely not just for kids. It makes a cracking mixer for spirits as well as being a delicious standalone soft drink for adults too.

Meet The Founder

Patrick and Tahi Grant-Sturgis ran an ethical coffee biz before turning their attention to a kid-friendly soft drink. Fruitless searches for healthy, sugar-free yet exciting drinks for their own children sent them on this path. 

Tahi’s Maori heritage, which gives her a strong connection to nature, and skills as a chef helped them come up with the perfect all-natural recipe. They cracked the combo of interesting flavours, a low sweetness profile and added healthy benefits. 

Family life also inspired their choice to put reconnecting with nature at the heart of Jamu Wild Water. Craving easier access to green spaces, the family moved to the beautiful Devon countryside in 2018. After feeling the many benefits of the great outdoors firsthand, they wanted to help others experience the same. 

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