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Krī Skincare
Krī Skincare

Krī Skincare

Eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free minimalist skincare donating to World Land Trust.

Krī Skincare’s name is inspired by a Sanskrit word meaning to undertake an action or deed. It’s a perfect fit for their pure and purposeful range, which is as good for the planet as it is for your skin. 

When it comes to crafting their products, from cleansers to sunscreen, this B Corp beauty brand has a less-is-more approach. They stick to a tightly curated selection of hero ingredients. There are no lengthy lists of unpronounceable words here. 

For Krī Skincare, there’s also no place in their products for substances that persist in the environment. The same goes for animal-derived ingredients – the range is vegan and cruelty-free. 

Krī’s minimalist branding and packaging reflects the purity of what’s inside. Products come in recyclable glass vessels and every component of the packaging is reusable, recyclable or biodegradable.

A partnership with the World Land Trust is another way they show respect for the environment. Krī Skincare donates a portion of annual revenue to the charity, funding the vital restoration of tropical forest habitats through WLT’s Plant a Tree programme.

As if they weren’t working hard enough to make a difference, Krī Skincare is also a proud member of the B Corp Beauty Coalition. This group of more than 50 B Corps from around the world has come together to improve the environmental footprint of the beauty industry. 

Meet The Founder

Rupa Wincell noticed a change in her skin during her mid thirties. She tried all kinds of products to solve the dryness, blemishes and other problems she was experiencing. But none of them were working. 

This sent Rupa down a skincare research rabbit hole. She wanted to understand exactly what was going on her skin and what she reacted well to. Products with fewer, more effective ingredients guided by science soon became her favourites – and the kind she’d create through Krī. 

Rupa’s journey to a more conscious, sustainable lifestyle also influenced the brand. Concerns about her own skincare routine’s environmental impact led her to take great care over the range’s packaging and ingredients. 

In 2021, Krī became the first UK skincare brand founded and led by a woman of colour to get B Corp certified. An awesome achievement. 

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