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Laura Barnes
Laura Barnes

Laura Barnes

Beautifully illustrated homewares that give 10% of profits to charities for people and the planet.

Laura Barnes’ happy and uplifting homewares bring joy into your home and beyond, by giving back to good causes. 

When you buy any product in the Laura Barnes collection, 10% of profits are shared with charities whose mission is to protect the planet and support vulnerable people. Those three charities are The Rainforest Trust, The Baytree Centre and the South London Refugee Association. 

As well as raising awareness through these charity partnerships, Laura Barnes’ passion for protecting people and the planet also shows up in her bright, cheerful illustrations. These often celebrate nature, inspired by that love for the great outdoors and travels in places like India, Morocco and Mexico.

Likewise, all her products and packaging are designed with the planet in mind. All products are crafted in an environmentally conscious way, not too far from the South East London studio where Laura draws her designs.

The designs themselves are the result of a mix of hand drawing and painting and digital techniques. If you’re a magpie for funky patterns and tropical colour palettes, you’ll love Laura Barnes’ pieces. 

Add a splash of colour to the kitchen with her organic cotton tea towels, available in fun themed prints like Cocktail Party and Big Cats. These are digitally printed in small batches to keep waste to a minimum. 

Meet The Founder

An arty, outdoorsy childhood by the sea first set Laura Barnes on the path to creating her beautiful illustrated homewares. Along the way she spent 10 years working in fashion and textiles, before deciding a more meaningful and fulfilling challenge would be running her own brand. 

A love for all things tropical, inspired by adventures to warmer climes, is one of her strongest style influences as well as the reason behind the ever-growing collection of tropical houseplants in her studio. 

It’s important to Laura that her products raise awareness about protecting the animals and ecosystems that inspire the brand. That’s what her charity partnerships take care of, along with the eco-friendly making methods.


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