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For every pair of bamboo socks sold, another pair goes to a person experiencing homelessness.

Show your support for the homeless community when you slip on a pair of cosy bamboo socks from Leiho. 

They pack meaning into the humble sock through a buy one, give one model. For every pair you buy from their collection, a pair goes to a person experiencing homelessness.

Why donate socks? Well, clean socks are actually the most requested item in homeless shelters. Which isn’t surprising when you think about it – everyone needs socks, especially those who walk a lot, like people experiencing homelessness often do.

Add limited access to laundry facilities to the mix and a lack of clean socks doesn’t just mean wearing them out quickly. It can also be a risk to foot health. 

As they’ve grown, Leiho has expanded their product range to include sock crackers for Christmas, beanies, water bottles and tote bags. Through these, they also donate other basic essentials that we often take for granted, like underwear, a healthy meal, toiletries or even clean water. 

All Leiho socks are made using bamboo, an environmentally friendly, temperature adapting and hypoallergenic material that’s also super soft. Just what you want in a sock. 

Whether as a treat for your own feet or a gift for someone else, buying a pair of Leiho socks is a step towards fostering a positive difference to people who need it.

Meet The Founder

Joey Li and Thuta Khin founded Leiho after meeting during a masters course where they discovered a shared ambition for building a biz with purpose. 

The seed for Leiho was planted when they discovered socks are the most needed item at homeless shelters. They met Tony, a man who was formerly homeless, who told them “it’s the simple things like getting a clean pair of socks that really helps boost your wellbeing and confidence for that day.” 

That was all the inspiration they needed to get the brand started. They chose the name Leiho which means “how are you?” in Cantonese, a simple question that can show someone you care. 

Joey and Thuta hope their products inspire more acts of kindness in all areas of our lives, which they believe lead to better wellbeing for us all.

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