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Eco-soy scented candles that help bring hope to women in situations which can feel hopeless

Kindness is at the heart of LUX LUZ. Their eco-soy candles and rattan reed diffusers represent being kind to yourself, people in need and the environment all at once. 

Count on LUX LUZ for moments of self care and relaxing vibes. Enjoy the warming glow and fresh, inviting aromas of the candles during cosy nights in. Diffusers with natural rattan reeds also create a calming atmosphere.

While you feel the benefits of LUX LUZ products at home, elsewhere the brand is supporting women who’ve experienced domestic abuse. They give back through their charity partner S.T.O.R.M, a family centre in Wandsworth.  

100% of LUX LUZ profits are poured into the life-changing projects happening at S.T.O.R.M. These cover providing the immediate support of emergency accommodation, as well as recovery activities to help survivors heal in the long term. Activities like art therapy and even candle making workshops run by the LUX LUZ team. 

To be kind on the planet, LUX LUZ uses sustainably sourced eco-soy wax to create their candles and eco-friendly oil for the diffusers. The range is vegan friendly and comes in glass jars with aluminium lids, both of which are recyclable. 

Meet The Founder

More than one in four women in the UK are affected by domestic violence in their lifetime. Anna Ling and Sophie Arup were shocked to learn this stat. They decided to make a difference through a biz run by women, selling to women, helping women.

After some debate (they floated the idea of being ice cream entrepreneurs initially), they decided candles – a symbol of hope and comfort – would be the perfect product for their aims. 

The name LUX LUZ combines the Latin and Spanish words for light. Anna and Sophie chose this to represent how every candle brings hope to women who need it most. 

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