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Eco-soy scented candles that help bring hope to women in situations which can feel hopeless

The name LUX LUZ comes from the word for "light" in Latin and Spanish. This is because with every candle the brand aims to bring hope to women who need it most.

Lighting a candle is a common ritual for many. Sadly, what is a cosy evening at home for some of us, is often far from that for women suffering from domestic abuse.

With every candle, LUX LUZ invests 100% of profits into projects to support such women or reinvests back into the business to do more good. They fund emergency nights in refuges and longer term recovery activities, such as art therapy workshops, to help domestic abuse survivors begin to heal from the trauma of abuse and rediscover themselves and their confidence.

Following the principles of self-care, kindness to others and kindness to the earth, each candle is vegan and made from sustainably farmed eco-soy wax.

Meet The Founder

Anna and Sophie founded LUX LUZ as a response to the unacceptable fact that more than 1 in 4 women in the UK are affected by domestic violence in their lifetime.

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