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Megzi Pearls
Megzi Pearls

Megzi Pearls

A social enterprise florist bringing women and mothers together through community workshops.

Order elegant flower bouquets from Megzi Pearls, a London-based florist bringing communities together one petal at a time

It’s in their inclusive, friendly workshops where this community work happens. From corporate professionals to single mums and people facing multiple disadvantages, groups of people come together with Megzi Pearls’ facilitators to learn floristry skills and connect over beautiful blooms. 

It’s about sharing experiences, cultures and making friends as much as the flower arranging.

Each session has a different theme that may cover religious holidays or mental health. The aim is always to explore varied cultures in an inclusive, non-judgemental space. By the end of their session, participants in Megzi Pearls’ workshops have often found commonality with their fellow amateur florists, building relationships and strengthening community beyond the classroom. 

It’s an experience underpinned by Megzi Pearls’ values of equality, inclusion and empowerment for all.

Whether you're looking for flowers as a thoughtful letterbox gift for a friend, for birthdays and celebrations year-round, or even for awards ceremonies and other corporate events, you're sure to find something beautiful.

Meet The Founder

Founder Megan Kavanagh was a long-time lover of all things flowers. But she found it tricky to start her floral biz initially, as a single mum and someone who had struggled to reach their full potential at school. 

With more time to focus on the idea once her son started primary school and support from Social Ark, a charity helping young Londoners launch businesses, Megan was able to get Megzi Pearls off the ground. 

Megan’s lived experience of facing multiple barriers has shaped the social mission at the heart of the brand. She wanted to use her floristry skills and love of flowers to help others from similar backgrounds. 

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