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Mezcal Amores

Mezcal Amores

Working to preserve and rescue wild agave plant species.

Mezcal Amores have one simple philosophy: to strive always towards a balanced relationship with their ecosystem. This is why they exist. It is why they produce their mezcal following a holistic cycle “From seed to sip”. The Amores Philosophy stems from caring consciously for the earth, for the environment and for the people who make each drop of mezcal possible.

Mezcal Amores believe firmly in a better world, and they pursue this vision by empowering their teams and embracing local communities, by supporting local agave farmers (agaveros) and Master Distillers (Maestros Mezcaleros), because they understand that these are the guardians of their Mezcals. To preserve the past, Mezcal Amores look to the future, advancing a sustainable business model today, with their eyes on their impact tomorrow.

True to their philosophy, Mezcal Amores allocate as much as 20% of each bottle's net sale to the development of internal initiatives promoting social and environmental responsibility. These initiatives range from purchasing artisanal mezcal at a fair price, to providing state-of-the-art training for local distillers, from rescuing and protecting wild agave species, to sowing new seed using only organic practices.

Mezcal Amores' vision focuses on evolving, growing and adapting through the promotion of an artisanal mezcal supply chain, as well as on supporting an environmental model aimed at minimal impact and committed to continual innovation.

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