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Homemade gluten-free snacks funding clean water projects for remote communities.

Nourish has mastered making delicious macaroons and other bite-sized treats to please a whole host of snackers. 

Because they only use nourishing wholefood ingredients, their products are suitable for nearly every dietary requirement. There’s no gluten, grain, dairy or refined sugar. And they’re suitable for vegans and people on a paleo diet too. 

As well as caring about what does (and doesn’t) go into their products, Nourish cares about where those ingredients come from. They source everything from a selection of UK co-operatives, carefully reviewing how green their suppliers are.

It’s also their mission to run things in a way that’s as planet-friendly as possible at Nourish HQ. They’re on their way to a food waste-free kitchen and the products come in 100% compostable packaging. It’s all in keeping with one of their values – “tread lightly.”

A charity partnership adds an extra layer of goodness to these gluten-free treats. Nourish donates 10% of profits to Water for Good, who work to supply remote communities in the Central African Republic with clean water. 

The brand is in the process of getting B Corp certified which, given all their hard work to do business ethically and sustainably, we’re sure they’ll achieve in no time. 

Meet The Founder

Nourish founder Ineke Nugteren always loved being in the kitchen and making the most of home-grown ingredients. During her former career in nursing and functional medicine, she noticed a lack of nourishing, gluten-free snacks – both for herself and her patients. 

This fact inspired Ineke to try out her own recipes for healthy, delicious treats. After getting the taste approval from her own family first, she launched Nourish in 2015, leading with the signature range of Coconut Macaroons. 

Now she has a small team of foodies who help create the range and taste-test new products. The family still has their say too!


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