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Ocean Bottle
Ocean Bottle

Ocean Bottle

Beautiful reusable water bottles challenging ocean plastic head on.

Be part of the solution to the ocean plastic crisis with Ocean Bottle.

Their sleek and stylish reusable bottle is here to help you kick single-use plastic out of your everyday life. But more than that, it’s helping clean-up shores in coastal communities most impacted by global plastic pollution.

Currently, 22 million kilograms of plastic enters our ocean every day – and that number is only growing. Ocean Bottle supports the development of waste management infrastructure, an important part of tackling this crisis. 

Working with their partner Plastic Bank, they collect ocean-bound plastic and send it for recycling into new products. 

This process creates income opportunities for locals living in areas of high plastic pollution. They can become a collector, exchanging plastic for money or credit to spend on tuition, products, healthcare and access to microfinance.

They measure their impact by the bottle. For every one sold, the equivalent of 1,000 plastic bottles are collected by Plastic Bank, instead of polluting our oceans. A pretty amazing ratio. 

As a reusable bottle, the Ocean Bottle has all the features you could possibly need. It’s dishwasher safe, easy fill and easy clean with hot-cold insulation, an anti-leak lid and a carry loop.

Meet The Founder

William Pearson and Nick Doman met on their very first day of business school and quickly discovered a shared interest in cleaning up our plastic problem. Plastic pollution was something Will had seen the effects of first-hand when he spent a year working at sea in the Indian Ocean. 

Equally passionate about creating a purpose-over-profit business that put the environment first, they soon began collaborating on the “world’s most needed bottle”. It might be needed for now but Will and Nick’s ultimate goal is that one day we’ll reach a point where Ocean Bottle can go out of business. 

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