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Pri Pri
Pri Pri

Pri Pri

Kids clothing and accessories made from repurposed saris, creating training opportunities for underprivileged women in India.

Pri Pri turns preloved saris into children’s clothing, tote bags and home accessories, stitching together traditional Indian fabrics with western design. 

On a mission to reduce the staggering amount of fabric waste that ends up in landfill, no scrap goes to waste. Pri Pri gets creative with every last piece of sari material, resulting in beautifully unique products, from shimmering kids party dresses to spectacularly colourful rag wreaths

Upcycled with love and style, the saris are sourced via the founder’s personal contacts or in the markets of Mumbai, where reams of used but still perfectly wearable fabric ends up. 

Mumbai is also where the makers behind Pri Pri are based. They’re part of a programme run by Animedh Charitable Trust. This organisation helps underprivileged women by arming them with valuable skills – like sewing. The women train and become qualified while working on Pri Pri designs, sewing their way to sustainable, long-term jobs and a brighter future. 

So these garments and accessories spark ripples of positive change in more ways than one. They’re symbols of slow fashion and reducing our environmental impact. And they create social and economic change for marginalised communities. 

If you’re not a fan of wasteful packaging (who is?!), you’ll be pleased to see your Pri Pri pieces arrive in recyclable materials too. 

All that impact aside, Pri Pri’s collection is joyful to look at. Whichever pieces you buy, prepare to be bombarded with compliments over the designs and fabrics. 

Meet The Founder

Family inspired Priya Velusami’s journey to launching a sustainable clothing brand. Her always well-dressed grandmother laid the foundations by passing on a love for Indian style, sewing skills and a zero-waste outlook. 

Then when her niece was small, Priya decided to handmake a dress as a gift, using one of her mum’s old saris. It turned out to be the first of many. After a positive reaction from friends and family, she started selling her upcycled dresses as a side project. 

Being made redundant at work was a blessing in a sari-draped disguise. Priya could throw herself into the biz full-time. When more skilled helping hands were needed, she seized the chance to up Pri Pri’s impact by partnering with Animedh Charitable Trust.

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