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Innovative recycled jewellery made using discarded magazines while empowering artisans.

Quazi designs and makes unique jewellery that’s reducing waste as well as creating a better life for the people who craft it. 

Based in Swaziland, Quazi has become a reliable source of employment for local women. They’re offered a living wage, permanent contracts and a chance to hone the art of eco-friendly jewellery-making. Artisans in the community often have children to support and so this economic empowerment benefits their families too. 

Fair trade principles guide the social enterprise – they were even a founding member of SWIFT, Swaziland Fair Trade. They’re firm believers that craftsmanship and ethical production could prove to be a vital economic sector for Africa. 

Pioneering design and craftsmanship takes place in the Quazi studio, where every single piece of jewellery is made using waste magazines and newspapers. Wherever possible, materials are sourced locally to keep their environmental footprint as low as they can. 

Starting out with a single rolled paper bead earring, they now have a collection of original earrings and rings.

Meet The Founder

Doron Shaltiel founded Quazi in 2009, as a way of providing much-needed employment in Swaziland’s capital, Mbabane. 

The idea of using waste paper came about because local magazine distributors were wondering what to do with their surplus stock. Doron teamed up with them, taking it off their hands and designing jewellery using the magazines, helping change perceptions of waste products. 

At first, there was just one artisan working with Quazi. But once Doron knew the product was viable, they soon grew and became a space of training, opportunity and community for many more local women. 

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