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RAISE Snacks

RAISE Snacks

Healthy snacks providing school children at risk of hunger with nutritious breakfasts.

Enjoy “edible elevation” with every pack of RAISE Snacks, plant-based bites of nuts and seeds – the original superfoods – in a chocolatey coating. Whether you’re trying to eat more nutritiously, have a more natural snack time or just fancy something new and delicious, these will satisfy your cravings. 

Full of protein, fibre and antioxidants, the energy-boosting combo of ingredients in every pack of RAISE Snacks are free from palm oil and big on flavour. Choose between a dark chocolate edition with a sprinkling of sea salt, or the just-sweet-enough salted caramel. 

As well as elevating your mind and body, these do-good snacks help elevate the prospects of disadvantaged kids in UK schools. 1% of every sale from RAISE Snacks’ products is donated to Magic Breakfast, a network providing nutritious breakfasts for hungry children. 

Right now in the UK, 2.5 million children are at risk of starting the day too hungry to learn, as the rising cost of living pushes more families into poverty. By donating to the programme, RAISE Snacks helps kids in disadvantaged areas reach their full potential inside and beyond the classroom. 

It only takes 28p for Magic Breakfast to supply one child with a nutritious meal that fuels a morning of learning. They deliver expert support to schools too, helping them become a more inclusive environment. 

We recommend keeping a stash of RAISE Snacks in your handbag or backpack, ready for a pick-me-up whenever hunger pangs make an appearance. Or stir into your granola for a morning energy boost. 

Meet The Founder

Chester Robinson’s own quest for a nutritious and tasty snack led to the creation of RAISE Snacks. He wanted something healthy that would fuel days of work, exercise, adventuring and socialising. 

It turned out, he didn’t need to look far to find what he was looking for. His mum’s roasted nuts and seeds, which she’d been making for years, provided the perfect energy boost. 

Chester decided to share her recipe with the world by launching RAISE Snacks and do some good along the way. His mum’s Nigerian heritage also inspired him to make diversity and inclusion a priority within the brand. It’s why they support disadvantaged people through the Magic Breakfast partnership, helping get more kids engaged and thriving at school.   


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