Rubbalicious Smoke 'n' Spice Shaker

Who are Rubbalicious? 

Rubbalicious is a social enterprise that is on a mission to tackle the problem of youth unemployment in Uganda.

Having just started out, they launched with one product - the Rubbalicious Smoke n' Spice shaker - and hope to continue to expand based on feedback which so far has been extremely positive!

Rubbalicious is a fun and original brand with purpose. Their ethos is about helping customers to make more conscious buying decisions to create a positive impact on the world we live in. 

Why Rubbalicious?

The unemployment rate for young people in Uganda ages 15-24 is 83%.

Youth unemployment poses a serious political, economic and social challenge to the country. The cycle is making it increasingly difficult for Uganda to break out of poverty. A reason for this problem is due to young people not having the skills to match current market needs.

Rubbalicious supports Yimuka Uganda. A project set up by a local Ugandan man, with the aim to empower young people though industrial skills training and provides mentorship and support onbuilding an entrepreneurial mindset. This helps to enable youth to have the skills and ability to work.

50% of the profits raised through sales of Rubbalicious shakers go directly to Yimuka Uganda.

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