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Sea Change
Sea Change

Sea Change

Combining a love of great wine with a desire to help protect our oceans.

Find yourself a new favourite wine from Sea Change, a social enterprise making waves of change with their eco-friendly wines. 

These winemakers are committed to creating exceptional drinks and caring for our oceans in equal measure. Look closely at the beautiful hand drawn illustrations on each bottle and you’ll notice the marine animals depicted have bits of plastic inside, reflecting the effects of plastic pollution. 

Keen to be part of the solution, Sea Change put real thought into their own packaging. There are none of those plastic wraps around their bottle tops and the labels are a mix of paper from certified sustainable forests and grape waste too. Even the corks are made from a renewable plant-based material.  

Sea Change also gives back to conservation charities who help protect marine animals too, making a donation for every bottle sold. All this adds up to a lot of small ripples of change and one big positive impact per bottle. 

Better still, there’s a great variety in their award-winning range. So you can toast to making a difference whether you’re partial to a prosecco, reds like negroamaro, whites like sauvignon blanc or a rosé.

Meet The Founder

Sea Change is part of family wine business 10 International, which was co-founded by Toby Hancock and Bill Rolfe. 

They’ve always been firm believers in environmental responsibility when creating their wines. But a discussion with a customer about the single-use plastic which washes up on sea shores inspired them to go further. And so they set up Sea Change, determined to make a positive impact on our oceans with every bottle. 

The eco-friendly mission they’ve started has had a ripple effect on the rest of the business and they hope others in the wine trade will follow their lead too.


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