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Sendero Coffee

Sendero Coffee

Sustainably sourced organic coffee in compostable capsules, supporting local famers

Sendero, meaning "path" in Spanish represents the brand's exploration of remote and relatively unknown coffee-growing regions.

They work with local families and cooperatives directly sourcing the most outstanding Arabica coffee beans. In doing so, they ensure the best prices are paid to farmers. Plus, financial bonuses ensure that farmers can maintain the highest, sustainable standards in farming practices. No chemicals or pesticides are ever used.

The team rigorously select the 100% Arabica coffees to find beans that best represent the individuality of regions such as Uganda, as well as the passion of the farmers they work with.

The beans are handpicked and roasted in small batches for an exquisite taste and aroma in every cup.

Meet The Founder

Founded by Hutan and Pira, Sendero Specialty Coffee travel to remote coffee growing regions so that they can work directly with local families and cooperatives in order to source outstanding Arabica coffee beans.

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