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Serious Tissues
Serious Tissues

Serious Tissues

The UK’s first carbon neutral toilet paper.

Save the world from your toilet seat with Serious Tissues. Yep, really. 

Serious Tissues wants to reduce the number of trees we cut down for toilet paper every year. At the moment that’s a hefty 10 million, with adults using 384 trees’ worth of toilet roll in their lifetime. But why cut down carbon-storing trees when there’s stacks of old paper to use instead?

That’s where Serious Tissues come in. They recycle paper from offices and homes and turn it into soft, high-quality, three-ply loo roll. 

To keep things as eco-friendly as possible, every roll is made in the UK for minimal shipping distance and there’s no individual wrapping, plastic, dyes, perfumes or unnecessary chemicals. Each one is also almost 50% longer than supermarket rolls. 

To go further in helping reverse the damage of cutting down trees, Serious Tissues also plant one tree for every roll sold. Through partnerships with organisations all around the world, they’re supporting projects that plant indigenous trees in places from Indonesia to Mozambique, while providing employment for local communities too. 

Serious Tissues have branched out from toilet roll, turning their attention to tackling plastic pollution in our oceans next. Stock up on their plastic-free and zero-waste laundry detergent and soap, which each save 1kg of ocean-bound plastic from nature.

Meet The Founder

Chris Baker is one of four co-founders who came together to start a brand that could help turn the tide on deforestation and climate change. The scary stat that 20% of global deforestation is down to manufacturing toilet roll inspired their product choice. 

This isn’t Chris’ first social biz. He’s also a co-founder of Change Please, a coffee social enterprise that trains and employs homeless people as baristas to help them off the streets. Both brands give him a chance to flex his award-winning marketing and strategy skills to solve social issues. 


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