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A refreshing, low-ABV hard seltzer made from wonky fruit that funds environmental projects.

Fix yourself a feel-good drink with help from Served’s naturally refreshing range of vegan hard seltzers.  

These low-ABV, low-calorie drinks make sticking to a healthy lifestyle and enjoying a tipple with friends possible. They’re full of good stuff only and taste delicious too. 

Ingredients wise, Served keeps things simple and sustainable. Every can contains the ultra-clean, four-times distilled ServedPure™ gluten-free spirit; the finest spring water from rural Staffordshire; and either wonky limes or wonky raspberries which would otherwise go to waste. That’s it. No added sugar or sweetener. 

Looking out for the planet goes further than using would-be waste ingredients for Served. They also put 5% of profits towards projects protecting the environment and saving critically endangered animals. Oh, and the cans are 100% recyclable too, in case you were wondering. 

Enjoy a can knowing it’s pure in every sense. 

Meet The Founder

Served is a family affair, founded by former restaurateurs and brothers Ryan and Dean Ginsberg. The idea came from their own frustrations about the volume of sugary alcoholic drinks on offer and the lack of a great-tasting healthy alternative. 

Inspired by the innovation they’d seen first-hand in the restaurant world, they set to work creating one. Something that was good for you, took pride in the provenance of its ingredients and didn’t come at the cost of the planet either. 

The result was Served – a refreshing, low-ABV drink with a crisp, light flavour. 

Read our interview with Ryan and Dean for more on their journey to creating Served.