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Spare Snacks
Spare Snacks

Spare Snacks

Sparing would-be food waste to create healthy, air-dried fruit and veg crisps

Spare Snacks create delicious, thoughtfully produced fruit and veg crisps.

These award-winning vegan snacks are naturally high in fibre, as well as free of added sugar, gluten and anything artificial. In fact, they're school-approved snacks and one of your "five a day". 

The fruit and veg that make these crisps may have been wonky once but they’re pear-fect now.

Waste not, want lots.

Meet The Founder

Ben Whitehead grew up with a mum who refused to waste any fruit or veg. So he was shocked when he discovered in later life that up to 50% of edible fruit and veg goes to waste.

That’s why he decided to create Spare Snacks. To save unwanted produce and create healthy snacks.

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