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Sustainable, plastic-free cleaning products reducing plastic and air pollution.

Spruce’s refillable, non-toxic and plastic-free range keeps your home sparkling clean and does right by the planet. 

One way Spruce stands apart from other brands is in how they don’t ship water, which makes up 90% of most cleaning products. Instead, they send you an empty Eternity bottle and powder refills that you mix up with water straight from your tap at home. It’s uber convenient, zero-waste cleaning. 

Eight million tonnes of plastic waste are dumped in the oceans every year and around 90% of the plastic we put in our recycling box never gets recycled. So refill and reuse models like Spruce’s are very much needed. 

And they do more than just keep plastic out of their own supply chain. Through their partnership with Plastic Bank, they collect and remove ocean-bound plastic waste equal to twenty-five plastic bottles for every starter kit purchased. 

This waste collection takes place in high-poverty coastal regions – those most affected by plastic pollution – by local people who are paid a premium for the plastic, helping them achieve economic empowerment. So, Spruce is supporting social regeneration and keeping our oceans clean all at once. 

Unlike mainstream chemical-filled cleaning products, which are often linked to chronic health conditions, Spruce helps you breathe easier too. With no harsh chemicals, pesticides, fake fragrances or the like in the range, they’re all about clean air.

Meet The Founder

Health issues first led Mahira Kalim to explore a more toxic-free lifestyle, while environmental concerns got her thinking about reducing the household’s plastic footprint. 

But finding products that were truly eco-friendly, plastic-free and non-toxic proved difficult. Often they were greenwashed by brands and homemade alternatives were time-consuming to create. 

So, Mahira decided to be part of the solution and help make it easy and convenient to be green while you clean. She got clued up on topics like green chemistry, sustainable packaging and creating a consumer product, leading to the launch of Spruce in 2019. 

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