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Stand4 Socks
Stand4 Socks

Stand4 Socks

Donating antibacterial socks to those experiencing homelessness for every pair sold.

Treat your feet to a pair of Stand4 Socks and know a person experiencing homelessness will receive a new pair too. 

For most of us, socks are an everyday item we don’t give a lot of thought to. But for people experiencing homelessness, fresh socks are a hard-to-come-by luxury. Since people in the community often walk many miles each day, old pairs soon wear out, which is bad news for foot health. 

And of course, you wouldn’t pass on a secondhand pair of socks. All of this means they’re the most requested item at homeless shelters. 

Stand4 Socks came up with a solution. Their “buy one, give one” model gets much-needed socks to the homeless charities they partner with. These are different to the socks they sell, specially designed to be antibacterial and long-lasting with durable seams. 

A lot of thought goes into the designs for their own range too. Slip your feet into pairs of brightly coloured, uniquely patterned socks with features like arch support and top quality textiles that stay hole-free for longer. 

Everything by Stand4 Socks is also made from sustainably sourced Oeto-Tex-certified yarns, produced in ethical conditions and arrives at your door in fully compostable packaging.

Meet The Founder

Stand4 Socks started from a lightbulb moment for social entrepreneur Josh Turner, as he wondered aloud to friends: “What if socks could change the world?” 

Since pretty much everyone needs socks, Josh realised a whole lot of good could come from creating pairs which had a positive impact. So that’s what he set out to do, launching the brand in 2015. 

Since then, Stand4 Socks has donated more than 75,000 socks to people experiencing homelessness. We think that’s a pretty big step towards changing the world for the better.

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