Children products sparking conversations with children about things that really matter.

Stib Ltd is a purposeful business aiming to ‘Spark’ conversations with children about the things that really matter….

Stib is guided around being a parent: from the products they create, the children they create them for, the hours they work and the charitable projects they support - our mission is to build a company that has kids at its core.

In a world of testing and measurements, where children are reportedly breaking new records for unhappiness, their mission is to champion the need to raise our young people with the confidence to articulate & express themselves and their ideas & worries so that they feel good and in turn are better placed to do good in society.

Meet The Founder

Emily founded Stib after a career in the social sector; as a founder at both Virgin Unite, the Virgin Group’s non-profit organisation and On Our Radar tackling voicelessness from unheard groups worldwide.

For as long as she could remember, Emily always wanted to launch products that had ‘good’ baked in and also wanted to keep her career alive in a way that worked with school drop offs and home life.

Stib products are intended to ‘spark’ ideas, conversations, plans and positivity to help children feel good and do good. As a mother she watched the pressures our little ones are under, alongside wanting to celebrate their energy, automatic kindness, sense of adventure and belief in magic, which can somehow get lost along the way. She was, and continue to be, hugely aware of their privilege in comparison to so many children around the world and a huge motivation was to develop a brand which would inspire them to take action as #worldchangers before they grow up.

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