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Nutritious plant-based chocolate funding child education re-engagement programmes outside the classroom.

Superfoodio is on a mission to create plant-based treats for pleasure, people and the planet. 

This small family biz follows the mantra “keep it simple.” They stick to a super high quality selection of ingredients for their palm oil-free chocolate bars, namely roasted peanuts and single origin cocoas. 

Those nutrient-packed ingredients make Superfoodio’s chocolate a great source of protein and fibre, while their handmade, stoneground method results in a luxurious, melt-in-your-mouth texture and taste. 

As well as being a real palate pleaser, these vegan chocolate bars give back. Superfoodio donates a portion of profits to Oarsome Chance, a charity that gets disadvantaged kids engaged with education beyond the classroom. 

Oarsome Chance introduces young people to a range of vocational activities as well as the sport of rowing and social enterprise projects. Getting involved in these experiences teaches them important life skills and helps them build connections. It’s all about passing on knowledge and tools for a happy and successful future.  

So as well as delicious plant-based chocolate, there’s a piece of positive change in every Superfoodio bar. And it’s all wrapped up in recyclable packaging, to boot. 

Meet The Founder

Husband-and-wife duo Nirali and Jag Mankodi had a revelation about food while backpacking around South America. During the trip they had a taste of some of the world’s most nutritious wholefoods, which provided the fuel for their adventures. 

This experience planted the seed for Superfoodio. Back in the UK, they began obsessively experimenting with recipes, taking a few high quality ingredients and combining them to create what would become the brand’s first product range. 

From the beginning of their Superfoodio journey to now, they’ve been motivated by making a positive impact on people’s lives and bringing them joy. It’s what every bar of their chocolate stands for. 

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