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The Natural Dyer
The Natural Dyer

The Natural Dyer

Creating made-to-order conscious clothing by using second hand, off-cuts, waste, end of roll and donated materials.

From maxi dresses to culottes, fall for The Natural Dyer’s lovingly and sustainably made clothing. 

Inspired by the “make do and mend” era of the 1950s, this conscious clothing brand uses traditional methods to solve the modern problem of excessive waste in the fashion industry. 

Whether it’s secondhand garments, off-cuts, end of roll fabrics or other would-be waste textiles, they give a new lease of life to old materials by transforming them into beautiful clothes. Often the pre-loved garments they use also date back to the 1950s, including wedding dresses and suits. 

All pieces are made to order by hand, in true slow fashion style.

As you might have guessed, The Natural Dyer only uses natural dyes, which they make from foraged materials and recycled rainwater. As well as being an eco-friendly alternative to commercial dyes, this means they can then be 100% certain and transparent about the amount of materials and water that go into making their clothes.

Meet The Founder

Working from her studio in Yorkshire, Rebecca Aydon is the designer behind The Natural Dyer. She graduated from Kingston University London with a degree in Fashion, specialising in womenswear. 

She aims to create clothes that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are eco-friendly, challenging people’s expectations of what sustainable clothing looks like. Her love of vintage clothing comes through in her designs, which feature bold silhouettes and a romantic palette of colours. 

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