The Natural Dyer

THE NATURAL DYER is a Yorkshire-based label created and designed by Rebecca Aydon.

Rebecca graduated from Kingston University London with a degree in Fashion specialising in womenswear. The Natural Dyer was born out of a desire to create conscious clothing by using second hand/ off-cut/ waste/ end of roll/ or donated materials. By specialising in re-cycling pre existing clothes like wedding dresses and suiting, the footprint of their brand is lowered.

They use vintage 1950’s fabrics, end of roll linings and naturally foraged materials as dye stuffs. These materials are bright, vibrant and kind to the environment as well as low impact as recycled rainwater is used in the dyeing methods.

They work hard to ensure that they minimise the impact their clothes have on the earth before they arrive to your door. Whether re-using existing garments or creating garments from off-cuts minimal waste is produced. Dyeing with naturally foraged materials by hand means rejecting dyes that are commercially available. They can then be 100% certain about the amount of materials and water used within our processes, making it easier to have transparency within our brand.

The philosophy of The Natural Dyer has it’s origins with our admiration for the 1950’s “Make do and mend” era. By studying the government model CC11 - where clothes were re-used and had a longer life cycle through adapting pre-existing garments.

No fur or leather is used in The Natural Dyers products.

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