Toast Ale


Toast was founded in 2015 by Toastmaster Tristram Stuart. He’s an award-winning author and campaigner on the environmental and social impacts of food production. He also set up the charity Feedback, which aims to put a stop to food waste.

Tristram met the guys behind the Brussels Beer Project. Their bread-based Babylone inspired him to create a delicious beer that could tackle bread waste at an industrial level, whilst raising awareness of food waste globally and raising funds for Feedback.

They brewed our first batch in Hackney, London and launched to coincide with being featured on Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty’s Friday Night Feast in January 2016.

Toast Ale have pledged profits will go to the charity Feedback, which aims to halve food waste by 2025. They want their impact to be greater than what they can do alone. So whilst they're directly tackling bread waste by including surplus in our beer, they're enabling Feedback to do much more.

Feedback leads a global movement against food waste, working with governments, businesses and civil society to catalyse change in social attitudes and demonstrate innovative solutions to tackle food waste. Its campaigns include: Feeding the 5000, Gleaning Network, The Pig Idea, Stop Dumping, and the FSE Network.

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