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Toast Ale
Toast Ale

Toast Ale

Award-winning beer brewed with surplus fresh bread.

Toast Ale makes fighting food waste as easy as enjoying a cheeky pint. Literally. 

Their palate-pleasing beers are made from leftover loaves of bread, chipping away at the 44% of bread that goes to waste. A shocking stat and just one small part of a mounting food waste problem that’s pretty terrible for the environment, to put it mildly.  

By using surplus fresh bread instead of virgin barley, Toast Ale is also reducing the demand for land and water as well as avoiding the extra emissions that come from producing it. It makes perfect planet-saving sense. 

Supporting other organisations who want to fix the food system for people and the planet is important to them too, which is what their profits go towards. 

Oh, and we should mention that these beers are absolutely delicious too. With brews ranging from craft lager to session IPA, whatever your go-to beer you should find a Toast Ale alternative you’ll love. 

In their words: raise a toast, save the world. Cheers! 

Meet The Founder

Toast Ale first started turning bread into brilliant brews back in 2016. But its founder, Tristram Stuart, was speaking out about the food waste issue long before that. 

Tristram is an award-winning author, speaker, campaigner and expert on the environmental and social impacts of food. He also founded Feedback, an environmental campaigning organisation changing attitudes around wasting food. It’s safe to say he’s committed to the cause. 

You may have seen Tristram’s TED talk on the global food waste scandal. If you haven’t yet, it’s well worth 15 minutes of your time. 

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